Why this Club? Why me?

Members of Bahia 55 will help by attending events, helping others get involved, and being more active

Do we have monthly meetings?

NO meetings.  We will have 2 Socials for the members and a guest.

What is a Booster Member?

A Booster Member for Bahia is a Member who wants to support more aspects of the Shrine.  By being a Booster Member of Bahia 55 you will get a Vacation Membership as well as other discounts from most if the other Unit, Clubs, and BSC events.

Who can join?

Any Noble in good standing that wants to make a difference in the future of Bahia.

Why Would I Join?

Why would I join?

The mission of the Bahia 55 Club is to promote participation in all aspects of Bahia Shrine.  The basic membership helps support the Shrine by paying your Dues, supporting the Red Fez, supporting the Pancake Breakfast, and the Bahia Circus.