Since Bahia’s creation in 1955, our Temple has served the Central Florida community in many ways. We are known for having a great time with a much deeper purpose. The Bahia 55 Club will become a place to promote good fellowship amongst the Nobles and continue to make Bahia fun, charitable, and continue our existence for generations ahead.

The Bahia 55 Club is made up of dedicated men, ladies and friends of Bahia Shrine who have a strong connection and loyalty to our Temple’s past and future.

The mission of the Bahia 55 Club is to promote participation in all aspects of Bahia Shrine, support the Divan, raise community awareness, foster and grow new and existing relationships and provide financial assistance in support of Bahia’s ongoing efforts to become one of the strongest Shrine Center in the country.


The Bahia 55 Club is unlike any other club, unit or BSC that exists.

It’s core values are rooted in participation, contribution, and fraternity.

You can make a 1 time payment or take advantage of payment plan. The Club will be participating in many social activities help to support Bahia Shrine. We are currently working on an Ala Carte program which will allow you to participate in many of the Unit and Shrine events at a discounted price

Are you the Noble who stands up and makes a positive difference? Become a Member of Bahia 55 and help by attending events, helping others get involved, and being more active.

The Bahia Shrine General fund is a big part of our operating costs, so we need to help support every aspect we can. With participation from Nobles like you, we can help easy some of the financial stress of Bahia, be a positive influence within Bahia sponsored events and start to build towards the future.

Be a leader. Make a difference. Join Bahia 55 Club.